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About Sewa Samman

Sewa Samman is a registered organisation to recognise and celebrate the achievements of social workers, promote social work and incentivise individuals and teams in the social work profession to achieve excellence.  The aim of the Sewa Samman is to recognise and celebrate the challenging work that qualified social workers to do day in, day out, and highlight their achievements.

The Sewa Samman Foundation supports and encourages social workers who work for the welfare of society. The foundation felicitates mukhiya, sarpanch, MLAs, NGOs, SHGs, MPs, individuals who have contributed relentlessly to uplift the condition of marginalized
people or promote developmental works through the advancement of social work policy and practice. ‘Sewa Samman’ will be a recognition given to the change-makers of society.


Give recognition to the challenging work of qualified social workers promote best practice in the profession and celebrate success improve understanding of the range of work which social workers undertake Celebrate and promote diversity and equal opportunities in social care. Sewa Samman is managed by a Board of Trustees who all give their time voluntarily to support the development of the awards.


It Is Time To Thank The Unsung Heroes! 

It is all individual choice what to take the actual meaning. Someone who has done great deeds and work, but gets little recognition can be called an unsung hero. Unsung heroes are those, who did great sacrifices, but their story is lost somewhere in history. There was no mention about them as they died a humble death, but just as courageous.

Sewa Samman is giving recognition to unsung heroes who contributions across the fields of literature, education, sports, healthcare, public affairs, science, engineering, trade, industry, social welfare, and development work, among others.

Sewa Samman serves three primary audiences, known as the Three Ps: These unsung heroes play a vital role in helping to make our community a welcoming space for everyone. 

The profession – by honoring and investing in social workers past, current, and future;

The practitioner – by enhancing social workers’ knowledge and skills; and,

The public – by providing information and resources to help individuals, families and communities.

This is the right time to know their worth. So use your imagination to find ways to celebrate the deeds of unsung heroes. Try to dig into the past and discover those who performed great work without any credit for that.